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Paypal & Credit card donations:

Please donate from anywhere in the world and for any amount. You just need a credit card or a paypal account!
To make donations please click on any of the below buttons.
If you want to donate regularly and do not want to enter your credit card details again the next time, then it will be very convenient to register a Paypal account and enter your credit card information to activate it. You can then use your Paypal to directly donate just by entering your username and password. 


Gopinath Sevak - Donate $51 Monthly                                   
Radharani Sevak - Donate $25 Monthly                                 
Gauranga Sevak - Donate $11 Monthly                                  
Nityananda Sevak - Donate $05 Monthly                               
Prabhupada Sevak - Donate one time any amount            

For Bank transfer or Cheque donations:

For US & Europe write to Rasaraj Dasa - or send your donation cheque on "Friends of Radha Gopinath" and post it to 5415 Gurley Ave Dallas Tx  75223.

For Australia, write to Muralidhara Dasa -

For Middle East countries, write to Rasamrita Dasa -

For INDIA, write to Vaishnava seva Dasa - or call + 91 9821164690/ +91 9321164690.

Join us in this divine seva!

All donations are TAX exempt in USA and India.

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