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Today's Spiritual Quotes

Being Intelligent

Even in the womb of the mother you will suffer. To remain in that compact bag for so many months, hands and legs all tied up, unable to move this […]

Man Proposes, God Disposes

Everyone is independent to think or desire, but the fulfillment of one’s desire depends on the supreme will. This law is expressed as “Man proposes, God disposes.” Srimad Bhagavatam 3.4.11, […]

Vedic Mysticism

Vedanta is the last word in Vedic wisdom, and the author and knower of the Vedanta philosophy is Lord Krishna; and the highest Vedantist is the great soul who takes pleasure in chanting […]

Donors for the month of Jan 2016

Gopinath Sevak ($51)

Anonymous donor
Rajesh Lamba
Tushar Bhopi
Parasram Ramdeo
Ankur Sharma
Sivakumar Pitchaiah
Richard Strong
Amit Singh
Kamlesh Patel
Ram Mahtani
Jay and Prabha Nair, NJ
Sandip Bhatt
Alexey Valyaev
Chintan Modha
Vivek Kulkarni

Radharani Sevak ($25)

Anonymous donor
Lorraine Ann Groom
Janis Puhalskis
Kieran Gandy
Pramod Dakka
Chandan Bhatia
Vrindasundari dd & Tusta Krsna das
Raseshvara Madhava Das
Srivatsan Parthasarathy
Sreekumar Menon
Nayankumar Patel

Gauranga Sevak ($11)

Anonymous donor
Suchak Jani
Prabhat Sharma
Bichitrananda Das
Tulasi Priya
Carissa Cranmer
Hardipkumar Raval
M L Thomas
Sajeev Nair
Ashwani Kaul
Vikram Kaku
Srinivas Bhat
DK Gurung
Hassan Narasimhan
Cholendra Ghimire
Pankaj Patel
Arun Kumar Sevakule
Bharat Vyas
Robert connolly
Satyendra Singh
Aditi Sharma
Bhakti Yoga Society of Delaware, Inc.
Hrishikesh Shinde
Siddharth Joshi
Usha Aswarth
Sourirajan Balakrishnan
Tanmoy & Koel Choudhury
Ram Gupta

Nityanand Sevak ($5)

Anonymous donor
Minesh Pujari
Aditya Kaki
Vijay Anja
APD Solutions
Adi Durga Prasad
kamal Rai
Kamalini Darling
Yogesh Patel
Vinodkumar Rautwar
Snigdha Misra
Cholendra Ghimire
Daniel Clark
Jason Marcotte
Devikiran Shetty
P Kasiviswanadham
Vineeth Gopinath
Manish Negi
Mantas Misiunas
Michel Nizio
Chen Zoey
Vamsi Govind das
Naga Paladugu
Deepesh Rai
Jyothi Swaroop Samayamantula
Krishna Tanu Das
Lelihana devi dasi.
Arvind Balasubramaniam
Siva Shankar Mani
Nama-rupa devi dasi

Prabhupada Sevak

Anonymous donor
Mohan Dhana Raj Indukuri
Don Rousse
Uros Lebar
Sapna K
Girishkumar Patel
Gabriel Grigorov
Soumya Mataji
Siva Shankar .Mani
Eddy Gaasbeek
Kalyan Sikder
Gourik chandra Goswami
Gaurav Padgilwar
Rahul Ambardar
Aswin Chidambaram Pappa
Piyush Singh
Pradeepkumar Sankaran


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Why I donate to desire tree

I just realised that you guys are running this website without taking any money from any ISKCON temple. Wow! That is real cool. I have increased my monthly contribution. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.



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Latest Hare Krishna News

ISKCON Ekachakra Temple Opening - February 14

Upcoming Events - 13 Feb 2016

(Vasanta Pancami)

This is the first day of spring in India. On the fifth day of the waxing moon one should celebrate the coming of spring to Vrindavana by offering Krishna many types of leaves and flowers, and fresh shoots of sprouting grasses.

Read More...!! Audio!!

(Vishnupriya Devi - Appearance)

The Supreme Lord Visnu has three different Saktis: Sri, Bhu, and Nila. Sri Visnupriya is the internal potency known as Bhu-sakti. She appeared in Gaura-lila to assist Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu with his mission of spreading the holy name of Krsna.

Bio!! Names!! Videos!! Audio!!

(Sarasvati Puja)

Sarasvati Puja worship of the goddess Sarasvati (not generally observed by Vaisnavas).


Upcoming Events - 13 Feb 2016

(Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura - Disappearance)

Bio!! Names!! Bhajans!! Posters!! Audio!! Videos!!

(Sri Pundarika Vidyanidhi - Appearance)

Bio!! Names!! Audio!! Video!!

(Sri Raghunandan Thakura - Appearance)

Bio!! Names!! Audio!! Video!!

(Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami - Appearance)

Bio!! Names!! Bhajans!! Posters!! Audio!! Video!!

Today's special

Important ebooks

Ebook for Kids is specially made for kids. It has many comics, games, coloring book, drawings, ebooks and lot more. …

Krishna Kathamrita Bindu - 368

Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu is always free from politics and institutional bashing or promotion. Just simply nectarean Krishna Katha! …

Nityam Bhagavata sevaya Issue - 30

Nityam Bhagavata Sevaya Nityam Bhagavata-sevaya is a Fortnightly E-magazine for serving Srimad Bhagavatam.If you ever desire to cross over this ocean of material existence and achieve the lotus feet of Supreme Lord Sri Hari then please take shelter of Srimad Bhagavatam, the mature fruit of the desire tree of Vedic literatures.Srimad Bhagavatam is declared to be the essence of all Vedanta philosophy. One who has felt satisfaction from its nectarean mellows will never be attracted to any other…

What is Bhakti-Yoga?

Bhakti means to utilize one’s money, time, property, and energy for God. The aim of Bhakti is Yoga. ‘Yoga’ means to link with the Supreme. …

The Appearance of Lord Kapila

Nityam Bhagavata-sevaya is a Fortnightly E-magazine for serving Srimad Bhagavatam.
If you ever desire to cross over this ocean of material existence and achieve the lotus feet of Supreme Lord Sri Hari then please take shelter of Srimad Bhagavatam, the mature fruit of the desire tree of Vedic…

Questions & Forum By Devotees

Kundalini Power ( Sakthi) Awaken

Started by Lalitha in Krishna. Last reply by Lalitha 5 hours ago. 2 Replies


Started by Mustigudala Pilla Charyulu in Demigod Worship. Last reply by Anusha Praveena 8 hours ago. 2 Replies


Started by govind prajapati in Krishna. Last reply by Rankin Fisher 9 hours ago. 6 Replies

importance of accepting gurus only from ISKCON

Started by nischalinn in Guru. Last reply by Eugene 19 hours ago. 2 Replies

Which is Older- Tamil or Sanskrit?

Started by Shubham in Krishna. Last reply by Dean prabhu 21 hours ago. 1 Reply

Are scriptures valid ?

Started by Parag in Environment. Last reply by Dean prabhu 21 hours ago. 1 Reply

The Laws of Manu

Started by Gaurang Mooney in Scriptures. Last reply by Dean prabhu 22 hours ago. 1 Reply

How to spiritualise the work you do?

Started by kŗşņa dasa in Krishna. Last reply by Dean prabhu 22 hours ago. 1 Reply


Started by govind prajapati in Japa. Last reply by Dean prabhu 22 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hallucination or Self Realization?

Started by aakash menon in Krishna. Last reply by Dean prabhu yesterday. 3 Replies

Devotional life in Canada

Started by GopalKrishna Das in Krishna. Last reply by GopalKrishna Das yesterday. 3 Replies

How to control anger?

Started by Jahnavi in Family Life. Last reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA yesterday. 15 Replies

all about three vishnu/purush avataras of krishna

Started by Manohar Patil in Krishna. Last reply by Manohar Patil on Thursday. 14 Replies

Need program details in Cayman Island

Started by Rasika Govinda Das in Krishna on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Iskcon Desire Tree is a great resource for vaisnava Sanga

Started by Balabhadra Bhattacarya dasa in Krishna. Last reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA on Wednesday. 13 Replies

How to delete Iskcon desire tree Account ?

Started by Rohit.K in Krishna. Last reply by S.Balaji on Wednesday. 9 Replies

Opening a Temple?

Started by Russell in Krishna. Last reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA on Tuesday. 4 Replies

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