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Iskcon Desire Tree is a great resource for vaisnava Sanga

I just wanted to rech out and say how pleased I am that the devotees here at Iskcon Desire Tree, have created and selflessly maintained thi…

Started by Balabhadra Bhattacarya dasa in KrishnaLatest Reply

An Important Note

Hare Krishna to All,      The Iskcon Desire Tree network is here to engender growth in the devotee community which is dedicated to Srila Pr…

Started by Rankin Fisher in Other religionsLatest Reply

practising krishna consciousness in a muslim country where its population is % 99 muslim and having some difficulties in here

Haribol! All Glories To The Srila Prabhupada. My name is Gauranga Das and ı live in Turkey. I would like to share my experiences while tryi…

Started by Gauranga Das in KrishnaLatest Reply

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Hallucination or Self Realization?

Hare Krishna All,    I happen to visit my childhood school friends and they insisted me to go for a lunch with them. As usual I took even t…

Started by aakash menon in Krishna

3 11 hours ago
Reply by Dean prabhu

Devotional life in Canada

Is it possible for an Indian to maintain good devotional life in Canada ? I heard it is difficult to survive as a vegetarian in Canada .  A…

Started by GopalKrishna Das in Krishna

3 12 hours ago
Reply by GopalKrishna Das


Hare krishna!respected devotees,please guide me whether idid right or wrong. this is my story.I have been chanting 16 round for 2…

Started by govind prajapati in Krishna

5 14 hours ago
Reply by govind prajapati


how togo on improving quality of chanting

Started by govind prajapati in Japa

0 14 hours ago

importance of accepting gurus only from ISKCON

Being a devotee from ISKCON, why is it important to accept siksa and diksa guru from ISKCON only? What are the advantages of this practice?…

Started by nischalinn in Guru

0 15 hours ago

How to control anger?

Hare Krsna. PAMHO AGTSP My biggest issue I am facing right now in my spiritual development is anger. I find householder life is often very…

Started by Jahnavi in Family Life

15 18 hours ago
Reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA

all about three vishnu/purush avataras of krishna

can any one pls tell me 'in detail' about all three purush avataras of krishna and from whom kshirodakshayi vishnu appeared i.e from karnod…

Started by Manohar Patil in Krishna

14 23 hours ago
Reply by Manohar Patil

How to spiritualise the work you do?

Hare Krsna,My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga. How do I spiritualise the work I do? I am mainly at my desk for all of my wor…

Started by kŗşņa dasa in Krishna

0 yesterday

The Laws of Manu

Hare Krishna Please could you advise if the Laws of Manu (Manusmriti) are applicable to us today? I have heard that Srila Prabhupad has of…

Started by Gaurang Mooney in Scriptures

0 yesterday

Be in Divine Worship of Lord Krishna"Mukh say Hari Bol apni vani mein yeh madur ras gol"

'O Lord Krishna-Saviors of the savior "To surrender myself completely to you is to choose the way of Peace ,wisdom and the true happiness…

Started by krishna-my life in Krishna

1 yesterday
Reply by Dean prabhu


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