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An Important Note, from the IDT Moderator

Hare Krishna to All,      The Iskcon Desire Tree network is here to engender growth in the devotee community which is dedicated to Srila Pr…

Started by Rankin Fisher in Other religionsLatest Reply

practising krishna consciousness in a muslim country where its population is % 99 muslim and having some difficulties in here

Haribol! All Glories To The Srila Prabhupada. My name is Gauranga Das and ı live in Turkey. I would like to share my experiences while tryi…

Started by Gauranga Das in KrishnaLatest Reply

Fallen in love with a non-devotee

Hare Krishna, prabhujis and matajis! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All Glories to Guru and Gauranga! Dear devotees, Let me begin by e…

Started by Sandhya Rasa in PersonalLatest Reply

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Archarya the Life and Legacy Official Trailer #1

Hare Krishna Archarya, the Life and Legacy, the Official Trailer #1

Started by Bhaktitantrananda (Tantra G) in Krishna

1 6 minutes ago
Reply by Rankin Fisher

It is ok to do a spiritual retire from everything?

Hare Krishna to all, In this couples of months i'm feeling that i need retire myself, for the temple, for a more profund knowlodge, more…

Started by Monica MeeraBai in Krishna

2 29 minutes ago
Reply by Rankin Fisher

ISKCON leaders and politics.

Hare Krishna, PAMHO, AgtSP!  Why ISKCON spiritual leaders dont come into politics and help fallen souls on the whole. Todays politicians ar…

Started by aakash menon in Krishna

10 1 hour ago
Reply by Zola Preetam

Nice site, Srimati Tulasi devi

Hare Krishna, Here is a new discovery for me.  A lovely website dedicated to the  One and Only Srimati Tulasi Maharani. Tulasi devi Enjo…

Started by Rankin Fisher in Bhakti

1 1 hour ago
Reply by Rankin Fisher


Hare Krishna to all,                             All glories to srila Prabhupada.                                                          …

Started by Aravind S in Krishna

11 4 hours ago
Reply by Pratap

which sahasranamavalis (1000 names) are authentic?

Hare Krsna! we always knew about Vishnu sahasranamas 1000 names but these days i see Shiv sahasranamas, Laxmi, Durga, Ganesh, Lalita in the…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar in Scriptures

3 11 hours ago
Reply by Bhanu Kiran

Hate Kalyuga

Hare Krsna AGTSP Starting from: Adharma (Irreligion) and Mrsa (Falsity) who were brother and sister but combined to produce offspring Dambh…

Started by Zola Preetam in Krishna

4 11 hours ago
Reply by Zola Preetam

Donations to IDT

Hare Krsna! today morning i tried donating to idt but transaction failed and i lost 64 rs. i am planning to send by cheque. on whose name s…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar in Donations

4 13 hours ago
Reply by Siddharth Kudtarkar

Hare Krishna Tour & Travel

Hare Krishna to all Matajis, Prabhujis & Devotees!!!!!! Dandvat!!!!!!!!!!! PAMHO!!!!!!!!! AGTSP!!!!!!! Radhey!!!! Radhey!!!!!!! We hav…

Started by Bhuwan Dutt Bawari in Krishna

11 13 hours ago
Reply by Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

business is down

Hare Krsna! iskcon always mentions in its donation letter that the goddess of fortune resides with those who are charitable. we have been d…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar in Scriptures

9 18 hours ago
Reply by Siddharth Kudtarkar



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