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The Link between ancient India and the other cultures, Bhakti Siddanta Saraswati

This video link is about how strikingly similar ancient mythology of various parts of the worlds is. Prabhupada once said that greeks were a spinoff of Vedic culture, as the yavanas. Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati also once gave an interview with Professor Suthers, recorded in the Ray of Vishnu as follows;

In imitation of Mayavada, the evil fruit of the Indian civilisation, Anthropomorphism was invented in Greece and Therianthropomorphism was invented in Egypt, etc. When the new doctrines got access in those countries along with the commodities produced by the Indian civilisation which were base on the imagination of the anthophytes like the Indian Mayavadins who exalted man or beasts to the status of God with the attribution of divinity to them calling jivas and the poor as Narayana with gratification of the senses in the background, then the mental speculators of those cheap, vitiated Indian dogmas, and, labelling new names on them, passed these doctrinal commodities in the form of religious tenets. But true Vaishnava philosophy of India never indulged in any such doctrine based on imagination. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has refuted all such imaginative doctrines or idolatries and rejected both Anthropomorphism and Therianthropomorphism. He vouchsafed the Sastric teaching, viz, that he must be a heretic and sinner who looks upon God, Narayana, as equal to deities like Brahma, etc. "

I was so amazed by Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati's whole dialogue, it is definately worth a read, it discusses darwinism, idoltary, etc in a very sophisticated manner, available in the Ray of Vishnu. 

This video too seems to echo that there must have been a very ancient underlaying civilisation beneath the current because of very strikingly similar stories, and, to quote,...

"Scholars contend that there is no relationship between Indian, Greek, Australian, Norse and the cosmology of the Americas. They believe that each civilization conceived of their gods independently and that a deeper, older, universal tradition does not exist. If this were the case, then the foundation of these societies; their myths, traditions, beliefs and iconography should be unique to them, their location and their history.

Yet when we look at a wide range of ancient and indigenous groups a pattern of commonality exists. This is exemplified in the weapons of the gods. Symbols used to describe the god’s weapons that are found in Indian readily appear in the oral and written descriptions of other cultures. They also appear in their artistic images. These representations seem to transcend time and location.

As we look at the myths and stories from around the world do they imply something deeper?

Written and produced by Dr. Rita Louise 

Hare krishna!

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