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For twelve days, from April 21st – May 2nd, Lord Nityananda’s Padukas and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Sitari led the TOVP Fundraising Team consisting of Jananivas and Vraja Vilas prabhus on a multi-city tour of Malaysia. The results were astonishing and unprecedented for a relatively small country like Malaysia. Over $2 million U.S. in pledges was raised!!!

This was the second tour to Malaysia. The first tour in 2013 was the kick-starter for our major TOVP world fundraising efforts, but we only offered the Square Foot donation ($150) as an option at the time. Having expanded the donation options since then we decided to go back. Under the inspiration and organization efforts of Simhesvara prabhu and all the Malaysian Yatra leaders a tour was organized to all the temples and ISKCON centers in Malaysia, as well as private, round-table dinners with well-wishers from the business community and numerous home programs

Having welcomed the Padukas and Sitari with grand ceremonies in South Indian style, the fundraising programs were most warmly received. The results were “off the charts”, as they say. The reciprocation from the devotees and congregation was amazing with 100% participation. No less than $50,000 was raised at each center. Three ticketed round-table dinners organized by the Central Regional Council raised over $250,000. And the final program at Kuala Limpur attended by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami raised almost $1 million. Despite his ill health and travel plans, Jayapataka Maharaja delayed his U.S. visit after being inspired by hearing of the incredible success we were achieving. His presence topped off the tour.

The success of this tour is yet another testimony to the magic that can happen when devotees cooperate together for the service of Guru and Gauranga. The spiritual world descends upon us when we are in the mood of cooperative service and the material world vanishes.

The tour is also an honor to Mayapur Dhama, the holiest of tirthas, and an honor to the Malaysian devotees themselves for their attitude of self-surrender and sacrifice for the greater cause of the Lord’s service.

We wish to publicly thank Simheswara prabhu and all the temple leaders and temple devotees for going out of their normal way to make this tour possible. Without their efforts this tour and the extraordinary results would not have been possible.

Lastly we wish to publicly thank all the general devotees and congregation, and all our well-wishers and supporters in Malaysia for their financial commitments. Without your help we cannot fund the construction of the TOVP.

The entire TOVP Team is grateful to all of you for your sacrifice and devotion. We look forward to seeing you in Mayapur soon.

“The more you help develop Mayapur, the more Lord Chaitanya will bless your area of the world and it will flourish”

Srila Prabhupada – Letter to Hari-sauri

To make a donation to the TOVP please go to:


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