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Everything was seemingly normal before VERTIGO struck his life. BPPV is a type of vertigo which has no medicinal cure. English medicine can atmost try to control the condition but no cure is possible. Google also confirms this.

VERTIGO - is a sensation of losing body balance and in severe cases require assistance while walking. 

This devotee from Bangalore had his parents, wife and his small child dependent on him.

As he tried to get it treated through different doctors, physicians, a strong sense of insecurity ran through his mind as everything was turning out to be futile. Devotees were praying for him, trying to console him, trying to motivate him. As the various treatments were going on, this devotee was feeling - how essential it is to keep ourselves Krishna Conscious. The time of disaster was becoming a time of lessons for him. He started practicing nicely, seriously and felt the need of initiation from spiritual master.

He was so restless and insecured during those 20 months of suffering that he used to feel that he might die on any day. During nights he used to sleep beside his little child and mother and used to pray 
to Krishna to take care of his family when he shall be no more. On one of these days, in the early morning, he got a dream that changed his fickle faith and made it more stronger. In the dream, he found himself in a completely dark atmosphere, sleeping and staring up to dark skies with dark clouds. Suddenly a thundering voice jolted his ear.

Voice - I will take care of you.

Devotee became astonished with that loud  and commanding sound. Gaining some courage, he asked that deafening voice- 

Devotee - I, I means who ?

Voice - I means KRISHNA.

Voice ( in a confirmatory tone) - I means who ?

Devotee - KRISHNA

This entire incident filled the devotee with courage and he felt more closer to Krishna than ever before. He gained faith in Krishna and his words. Gradually his disease, which was not getting treated and becoming worse, started improving. An ayurvedic treatment suggested by his mother starts to relieve him and retrieved him back to normalcy. The entire episode led to him taking initiation from HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj and thus he took to the devotional service with more vigour. Today, when he looks back at those scary days, all he can think of is "this was Lord Krishna's plan to instill courage and faith". He today spends more of his time for Krishna because he will always take care of you. Remember "Krishna will take care of you"

Article written by Ashish Kumar

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