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Gita is not a law book it's a love book By Rupeshgauranga Dasa

Most of the people fear Gita(and other scriptures too!!) and it's teachings. They want to keep themselves aloof from this divine wisdom. Why they fear? They think if I follow Gita I will have to stop my enjoyment and kill my desires, I will have to do this and that and stop doing this and that, then I will be controlled by rules and laws and life will become boring better keep Gita packed in red cloth and offer respects from distance. It's like when a child wants to touch the fire father chastises him, child may think why my father is so cruel, why he doesn't give me independence, why he always controls me? Thus he wants to remain away from father. But if father gives independence to his immature child he may burn and loose his fingers for lifetime and latter curse father for not controlling him. So this chastisement is simply out of concern and love for child. 

Similarly many times attractive things of this world are like fire, due to absence of real knowledge we don't understand it's nature, thus we want to enjoy in it's company. But it can burn our finger, it can harm us on our spiritual journey. Lord doesn't want us to burn our finger thus he comes again and again and warns us like a responsible father. He doesn't want to hinder our enjoyment and desires but he offers us the option with better enjoyment and pure desires filled with eternal bliss. Foolish child will take his father's instruction as controlling laws but son who understands father's heart knows well that these instructions are out of love and for my betterment only. 

Even in general if you see Gita talks about love more than laws. For e.g.

Krishna's love- although abandoned by us from time immemorial lord still accompanies us in the form of supersoul in all species of life(15.15). Lord keeps providing us the necessities of life for living(9.16-9.20), in fact he provides the necessary knowledge required for leaving this world(4.15).

Krishna asks us to love him- in several verses lord gives us the process to develop love for him(9.22,9.26,9.34). This pure love for him will transcend our consciousness making us eligible for entering into the lord's abode.

Krishna asks us to love his parts and parcels- lord doesn't ask us to love only him but he advices to love and respect everyone(12.13) etc.

In conclusion don't neglect the Gita considering it to be boring and fearsome law book but it's a love book where how to love God and his beings perfectly is shared.

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Comment by suman hazra on January 12, 2018 at 8:51pm

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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