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Devotee-run publishing house Samhita Press presents their first children’s books

Samhita Press is a new, devotee-run publishing house with focus on literature that promotes universal ethics and values, ‘simple living, high thinking’ lifestyle, peace and compassion, respect for the nature, and love for humanity. Promoting cultural and spiritual titles, Samhita Press released their first children’s books earlier this week, The Story of Gajendra, Elephant-King and rhymed story The Walking Monk, both by Anna Milagrits, known among the devotees as Ananda Rupa devi dasi. 
The Story of Gajendra, Elephant-King is based on the timeless narration from the Bhagavata Purana. In the described story, Lord Vishnu saves Gajendra, king of the elephants, from the jaws of a giant crocodile. 
The hardcover edition has 28 full-color, beautifully illustrated pages, rendered in watercolor and gouache by professional artist Antonina Hordovska. According to the publisher, the book is aimed for wide audience, and it is part of the My Magic Bhagavatam series, with more books to come in the next few years. 
“There are a lot of parents out there who want to introduce their children to world cultures, so the kids can be growing up with respect to the traditions and customs of others. We hope The Story of Gajendra, Elephant-King will be appreciated by curious readers who love traveling, exploring, and learning from the world and people in it. This story can also teach children some universal lessons, for instance, that there are situations, when it’s important to ask for help and support, even if one is famous and strong, like Gajendra”, the author says. 
The Walking Monk is a rhymed story about a Hare Krishna preacher who travels to share his message of love and peace (‘a happy magic song’) with everyone he meets along his way. In the end of the book it is revealed that his ‘happy magic song’ is actually the maha-mantra. Anna Milagrits (Ananda Rupa devi dasi), the author, hopes that this book will be appreciated by everyone who believes in the universal language of sound and music, and the power of a kind heart. “This book seeks to challenge stereotype and present fresh view on modern spirituality. Who said that monks are old-fashioned, cheerless people who reside in secluded places? The Walking Monk is not like that!” She says the book was also intended for wide audience, as a “fun and easy way to introduce a child to mantra meditation”. 
The book is dedicated to Ananda Rupa’s spiritual master, Bhaktimarga Swami, known as the Walking Monk for his inspiring walking journeys. Maharaja just finished his preaching walk across the United States last month, from New York to San Francisco, covering over 3,500 miles on foot, through cities, towns, villages, and farmlands. 
Ananda Rupa devi dasi and her husband Vivasvan das, both originally from Ukraine, are devotees residing in Metro Detroit area. The Story of Gajendra, Elephant-King and The Walking Monk are their first books for children, published through their publishing house Samhita Press. 
The couple hopes the books will get positive response from the readers, so they can continue their publishing projects. Also, Samhita Press currently accepts submissions from other devotee authors (more details can be found at Samhita Press’ website). 
Both books are already available at and selected bookstores (please check the website for more details)


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