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Book Title: Gopal the Invincible (Classics from India for Children)
Book Description: Krishna, known as Gopal the cowherd boy, proves himself a worthy match for the nefarious creatures who come to disturb the life of his peaceful forest village.
Publisher: Bala Books
Author: Yogesvara Dasa, Jyotirmayi Devi, Sunita Devi



Narrated by: Dr. Ranga Devi
Produced by: Madhav Prabhu (BVKS)
Studio: ISKCON desire tree - Gopal's studio


About the Author - Yogesvara Dasa

It is rare to come across a devotee who is not only a kind and dedicated practitioner, but also highly educated and originally thoughtful in his understanding of spirituality. Yogesvara dasa (Joshua M. Greene) is one such devotee. An early student of Srila Prabhupada’s, Yogesvara lived in various ashrams for eleven years and has since worked for the United Nations, directed and produced documentaries, and written many books like the internationally acclaimed biography of George Harrison, Here Comes the Sun & The Gita Wisdom, an introductory edition of the Bhagavad-gita with a refreshing and reasonable approach. Yogesvara prabhu delivers weekly class at Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York City, USA.



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This audio book is dedicated to
His Divince Grace
On the occasion of Gaura Poornima 2013 by the Gopal's Studio (ISKCON Desire Tree)

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