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Avatara Sara Gora Avatara

Songs by Locana Das Thakura

Song Name: Avatara Sara Gora Avatara
Author: Locana Das Thakura

avatara sar gaura avatara kena na bhajili tare
kari nire vas gela na piyasa apana karama phere

kantakeru taru sadayi sevili man, amrta payivarase
prema kalpataru sri gauranga amar tahare bhavilivise

saurabher ase palasa sunkili man, nasate pasile kita
ikshudanda bhavi katha chusili man, kemane paeebi mitha

har baliya galaya parili man, saman kinkar sapa
sital baliya aguna pohali man, paii vajar tapa

samsar bhajili sri gauranga bhulili, na sunili sadhura katha
iha parakala dukala khoyali man, khayili apana matha


O my mind, why don’t you worship Sri Gaurasundara, the crown-jewel of all incarnations? You always stay
in water but your thirst is never satiated due to your own past bad activities.

You always hope to attain sweet, juicy fruits from your worship of thorn trees, but this is not possible.
Our Gaurasundara is a desire-tree offering divine love, but you left Him, thinking Him to be poison.

O my mind, searching for some sweet aroma, you smell the beautiful palasa flower
(but it has no scent), and instead, an insect from the flower enters your nose. You suck on dry wood, mistaking it
for sugar cane, so how can you get any sweet juice?

O my mind, death is like snake which you put around your neck, thinking it to be a garland. You entered
fire, thinking it to be cool, and suffered excruciating burning.
5) O my mind, enjoying material pleasures, you never heeded the devotees’ words and
forgot Gaurasundara. Thus, both this world and the next are lost to you.

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