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A devotee friend of my husband who would like to stay brahmachari has asked this and we are looking for an answer.


By researching modern day yoga sites, one mostly finds advice on how to increase one's appetite, sleep and sexual desire by the yoga practice!


As devotees, we know that the mystic yoga is meant for fully controlling one's bodily and mental functions to be able to fix one's mind on Lord Vishnu. By chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, we are already trying to fix our mind on Lord Vishnu from the very beginning. But keeping this goal in mind, devotees may still use certain mystic yoga methods to help their spiritual practice.


So please share if you have some knowledge and/or experience in this matter:


Which yoga asanas and/or pranayama practice help to diminish the activity of the genitals and ultimately come to the point of the semen flowing upwards to the brain (urdhva-retah), as described in the Srimad Bhagavatam by the examples of great sages?


Thank you for any valuable information or even hints.

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Recommend reading Tantra Yoga books, one for instance,  Sexual Secrets by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger, there is a online PDF on google u can download  of it and it should lead you into more divine union either together or separately.

Another book by Nik is called Tantra....We have a large library of books on Tantra from all over the world and also offer online service to the seeker........

Hari krishna Om



In the presence of sensual pleasure, spiritual bliss cannot exist, just as darkness cannot exist
in the presence of light.

Hare Krishna! Dandavat pranams !

As far as the objective is clear, there may not be a need to compare the means/channel as to which one is better/superior. Different individuals come with different bags of karma hence, as progress is made in one path, naturally the Jiva will elevate to the subsequent steps. Otherwise there would not be any need for the lord to talk about karma yoga/Gnana yoga/Dhyana yoga in Bhagavad Gita. Giving a notion that one path is superior makes it sound like a 'short cut' and the whole material world today is getting diluted only because of this 'short cut' approach. 

If an individual is not able to pursue one path (fully), then there must a reason behind it. Its up to the individual to identify and correct it. Till then, there is nothing wrong in pursuing other paths as-far-as there is progress towards the objective. Just because a path has more risk of diverting a Jiva from the objective does not make it inferior to other paths. Everything has a purpose and as far as the purpose is identified/understood, it brings progress.

Srila Prabhupad used to do morning walk, not just for keeping fitness, but only to serve the lord with the fitness.


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