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Hare Krishna dear devotees,



i am new on this forum and not getting my way around just jet:)

i am trying to find some guidelines about how to feed a baby when weaning starts after six months, and how to take care of infant/toddler health with natural remedies, and so on.  i am not finding much information...i mean like a book or something, not forums where people generally write what they think. i was hoping to find something like approved from iskcon, or from scriptures. or maybe from some devotee that is a pediatrician or ayurvedic doctor?

there are many "karmi" versions of charts what food should be introduced when and so on but i was hoping that something like that could be found in our community, and not just adjusting karmi versions to our lifestyle. 

for example i know cow milk is very important in devotee, and especially child life, but so many karmi doctors do not agree.. so i would like to know ayurvedic standard on how to give kids milk to be acceptable, and when. 

also we decided not to vaccine our baby so i was wondering is there some ayurvedic tips of how to boost immune system an so on.

does anyone know is there some literature perhaps from iskcon? ayurveda? 

any tips are welcomed! 

if there is not any iskcon should really publish few books on feeding, health, psychic&emotional development of baby/toddlers, it woul be soooo useful!:)

anyhow, thank you for your input!

ys govinda-priya dd

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thank you!

by now my little girl is 10,5 month old and we are doing great. i think i was new in everything so was a little scared if i am doing everything alright :)now i am more comfortable in everything and all goes so smooth. she eats 3 meals a day, and is a very good eater. i do still breastfeed and will continue. i read so many literature but i guess practice is best:)

thank you for your time and input, it would be great to use this forum to share about motherhood! :)

Hare Krishna, ys

Dear Krishna-Lila Shastri Mataji,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you very much for the nice information you have given. My mother had 4 children in less than 10 years, but she never breastfed any child more than 10 months, so she cannot advice me on prolonged breastfeeding. You have mentioned that if the child eats regularly, their need for breastfeeding will drop. My child is 2 years 4 months now. He is eating quite regularly and yes, during the day he does not feed so much, when he is busy playing, when we are on walks etc. But he still feeds quite a lot during night and if sometimes he gets little sick, some fever or cold, he does that even during day. Sometimes I am getting quite nervous about it.

If you have read something or you know from your mother or somebody else, could you please advice something on this? To me it seems not so much the question of food but rather psychological. Because often he just sucks a little bit and then just holds the nipple and and plays with my clothing and kantimala. He likes being with me in this way, and it is a nice exchange, but often not so practical, when there are lots of things to do... ;-) When I try to put him down he screams very loudly. He does not take a pacifier. Some people advice to smear nipples with something bitter so he would wean once and for all. But I am wondering if there are more peaceful means. I do not mind continue some breastfeeding, but as for now it seems too often and too long for such a big child...

Thank you in advance,

Your humble servant,

Madhavi-lata d.d. 

Dear Madhavi-lata dd,

I Pamho, agtsp

I can really understand the frustration when you have so many things to do and they want you all the time. I am not really up to the stage that you are at yet, so forgive me if my advice is not the most practical. Your child will still benefit from breast milk at this age, however toddlers do understand more than they can say, and you can talk to them and explain what your new feeding plan is.
 You can impose a "mini" feeding schedule, with times that would be convenient for you. Also you can supplement with toddler formula or cows milk at this age, but only if you don't want to continue breastfeeding.
That hardest part is helping a toddler adjust to change. My mother always said we never threw tantrums as children and I think it's because, if she said no she never ever went back on her word, so we were very obedient and peaceful kids. Your son might throw a tantrum when you decide to impose a schedule or change the way you are currently breastfeeding. The main thing is that you stick to the plan. You explain to him what the change will be, like "You're a big boy now so you can have milk once before bed and once in the morning." Then you have to implement it.

Actually your child will adjust much better than you thought if you are consistent. Once they understand that you are serious and that nothing they will do can change or manipulate the outcome they give in.

I know people who couldn't wean their kids with neem and bitter things, because the real problem is behavioural, you can't avoid doing what needs to be done because your child throws tantrums, they need boundaries and the sooner they learn that tantrums don't work on mummy, they won't do it.
I decided to put my son to sleep in a cot rather than my bed. Because he is able to crawl and walk a bit and he crawls around my bed and won't sleep properly. So I put him into his bed. He of course started getting angry and throwing a tantrum, I just kept chanting to calm him down and laying him back down when he gets up and stroking his head. Within a few minutes he realised I meant business and he went to sleep the whole night.

 Remember they are just testing your boundaries to see what you will do, you have to show them that you stick to doing what is right so they learn to trust you and do what you tell them, rather than you doing what they tell you (or course you need to understand their needs too I am just simplifying this).

This link is a forum but you will see none of the mother's give a bottle to their toddlers (even as young as 14 months) in the middle of the night.Of course these kids are on formula, but I think you're right he should be able to get enough milk during the dat at his age. I don't think that breastfed babies drink as much in one serving so they drink more often. I don't know where you are in the world but there are lots of breastfeeding organisations which may be able to help you with this. I contacted one of them because my son was biting and my milk was low so I was expressing with a pump, and they gave me good advice, at his age (8 months) He should only need 1 feed at night, and that is all he gets.

This site also has some nice summary information.

I hope this helps, but you will find something that works for you I am sure. best of luck,

At your service,
Hare Krishna

Krishna-Lila dd


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