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Are we dreaming a dream or this world is real ?

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All living beings are already instruments in the Lord hands. Therefore its not the question of becoming, but being aware of it.

So is nimitta-mātram more like –


Deterministic material creation ? -

Is liberation time/time of coming out of dream; for every living being already decided ? and Lord knows it.

The devotee can perform the needed services to satisfy the Lord sufficiently, so that he qualifies for waking up, only when his time comes and not before that.

If someone is chanting, he is chanting because Lord wanted him to chant. Similarly, if someone is indulged in sense gratification, he is doing so because Lord wants him to do that ?


In that case there is no fun in our endeavour. Is our entire endeavour useless? Or only when we become Krishna conscious, we get the free will activated and based on our effort on service we qualify for liberation/waking up ? Or is it that we have mental freedom and not physical ? Without freedom, how can there be love ?

Not a blade of grass moves without the will of the Supreme God, that's why all Universe is His playground, and those who moves inside that playground are like a dolls on the strings in His hands.

Soul is just a doer of material activities such as activities of body and mind, therefore about what freedom we talks hear about.

Living being need to have a firm desire to get out of the illusion created by Him, and that's the freedom of His parcels, to have a desire. According to ones firm desire, the Lord arranges that  desire to be fulfilled.

The love for Lord is transcendental, sleeps in the heart and waits to be waken. Such love don't have anything to do with material activities, but it requires  only material mind as instrument in waking up. Ones when waken, never goes back to sleep, no mater of the activities of the mind, body, intelligence, words, and all such products of material creation.

The fastest way to be infected by  transcendental disease, is the mercy of those who are already infected.  According to that, one need to have firm desire and search for such association, putting aside all other associations.


Thanks a Million. Love all the information in this message thread. Wish to hear more.

Many  people hears Srimad Bhagavatam, but only those who hear it from the lips of those who have seen the Truth, can correctly  learn and understand the transcendental knowledge.

One should understand that only because  of material mind,  created by illusory potency of the Lord, soul continue to incarnate in the material world.

No one is more qualified to speak about Absolute Truth then Krishna, because He is spiritual master of everyone :

SB 11.7.7My dear Uddhava, the material universe that you perceive through your mind, speech, eyes, ears and other senses is an illusory creation that one imagines to be real due to the influence of māyā. In fact, you should know that all of the objects of the material senses are temporary.

Hare Krsna Dean Prabhu
This world is a real bad dream.

Yes, that's true.


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