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Hare Krishna

Someone challenged me about vegetarianism. If animals have souls and consciousness, why did God give them to other animals as food? For example, the rabbit to the wolf. If it is wrong for us to eat animals because they are conscious living entities, why is it OK for the wolf? 

Thank you. 

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Thank you. Hare Krishna. 

The Fact is I have about 10 min to make my response.

Fact #2 As I understand it from my studies at Iskcon, We are all *falling Souls* we all began divine origins yet over time for one reason or another we began behaving poorly thus Krishna began relegating out existence to lower and lower planets and associations.

Also all souls have/suffer adverse karma by perpetrating violence and abuse of other souls.

It simply is a fact that some souls are not yet ready to stop falling! and until they meet the match to their anger modesty will not be a part of their program of operation. but yes their sin is being reworded' in- Like & in-kind that is the law for all. *especially for the animals, actually one can say karma is the Law of the animals. (Nature) mya 

The second point is, That only Humans Have the intellectual equipment to implement the art and science of devotional activatys  with any degree of effinshency or dedication  

So it's just the karma of the animals to kill and to be killed and eaten? That I can understand, I think. Someone challenged me about the idea that we shouldn't kill animals just to eat them, for why would God give some animals to others as food if it's not OK for *us* to kill animals for food. But if it is the karma of the lower animals, then that makes sense. I appreciate your thoughts. 

Hare Krishna.

I thought my words had been lost' jiOm
I'm feeling this iskconThing*
Of More import Doron is your focus Ram,Vishnu G is our shelter & home & Gide extraordinary 'jahdgot guru'
Purity from' conflicted / contaminated association's is the *rule if one desires Jhadgaht Guru?
That's #1.
That's certainly the resolve that innesheats Memory & Learning So
That' #1 the resolve to stay clean & free from *bad(Co.
+ Ur-yoga/Rites & Mantrahs
Although & however,
If one burns all kama in the fires of renunciations & as a sacrafive to Vishnu & or Krishna or ? Whomever*
I supose this ferver is awake & alive 0n many lebels (A) kama" practice of rites-/yoga= destany Daran mahMan. please don't alow your focus to go there. Mundainly speaking what one discusses, the mind will focus on hence have feelings about, feelings harbor energies which create frequencys that are interpreted as the qulity of your Truth. So dont let others drag U down into such defiling topics. The man at the "montans "bace easaly out-leverages the One Dtanding higher up, i have heard. Thank you for. The good question?
Chant it' as HAH'RAY Krishna HAh'Ray Rah-mah HA'Ray good luck & have a victorus day::>;-) thank Uz for afording me the oppertunity of
Remembering the one eternal preserver* The eternal perfection Of Sri Krishna. RayBola )* plz4giv offinces


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