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Is Allah,yahweh and other fake or are they demigods under lord Krishna?

In Hinduism there are many sects like shaivism and Vaishnavism

Each claiming theirs god are supreme,are the other religions like that saying their gods are real?

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Maze pan comments delete karat ahet Suhas. pratyek jan swathala shahana samajat aahe. saudi madhe mandir ubhe karun dakhava mhana na?

1st. We Should begin to Consider such things & all things to be as Krishna considers & said they are and He would have us think of all beings as Hi's energies. Some more indirectly related to Him than others, but all are derived & completely reliant ultimately upon Him alone! Making & meaning that even the greattest Gods & direct incarnations are Hi's subordinates.
However, this does not mean they are "fake! More likely they are administers-Extraordinarily. So why are we ranking Gods? We know numbers 1,2&3 so after that we have a darma/or path to chuse, principals to follow that express the qulity of our devotion i.e. our devotional sentiments. Further genneraly* most Souls who recieve Vishnu's mercy of good intelagence & Krishnas mercy of a High position Have earned it, over a long time spent in austaraties & devotional activities. So they have earned & do deserve it. They should not derided because they are not
"The most High" HeadGods or leaders of the "Top most Darmas" It is said" that only 1/4 of all Souls ever enter this material realm" so we who are hear are "most likly-all raskulls. Addems & Eves who have risked it all, and separated ourselves from Hi's loving grace for the sake of Self & God realizations on a (direct experience platform) indeed we have tested our own faith by dping so! However, do to the structure and nature of beings & things some of us will never return Home Back to the GodHeads service untill perhaps the eventual total eniolation of the materal creations. Still to rank our superiors and and "supervisors"? As fake or diminished in corrector because They don't compare well aganst Krishna's magnanimous prolific conchusness and awarness or abilities is not even close to being fair if not slanderous. Please don't be puffed-Up prahbuGee. These lesser incantations are doing a (hugely) valuable service twords every one of us. If they can keep us moving on the right path of spiritual discovery which will eventually lead to a rediscovery of our potential to re aline our intentions with God's intentions & seek our pleasher by proxy of Krishna's pleasher whi c h Je has derived from our offerings to Hi'm in Hi's name we pray.
Don't be rude dud*


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