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Intuitions and Krishna Consciousness!!

Hare Krishna!! AGTSP!! PAMHO!! A friend of mine keeps talking about intuitions and conscienses.He says that his intuitions are what Krishn…

Started by Neha SinghLatest Reply

Absoluteness of the universe.

According to Geeta, everything we see in the universe is absolute.If it's absolute how could it be miserable? Just as that day I saw a man…

Started by Mr. Liptu BhattacharyaLatest Reply

Is makeup and nailpolish bad? And jewelery?

Hare Krishna, I have some questions that i would like to read opinions special from matajis. I see some devotes ( matajis) that use make…

Started by Monica MeeraBaiLatest Reply

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Evil force acting on my aunt

Hare Krishna! PAMHO! AGTSP!  My maternal aunt recently delivered her daughter about two months ago and soon after the first month complet…

Started by Sarira Rupa

3 on Friday
Reply by Aniruddha sowale

How come we rebelled in such a pure atmosphere of Vaikuntha?

Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances to all devotees. My question today is that if, in the spiritual world, there is no room f…

Started by Avinash Gopalkrishnan

11 Sep 8
Reply by Krishna Das


Please can you put a bona fide definition of Gaaya. It's a pilgrim site related to Shrādh and inserting the ashes of a dead person to seek…

Started by Janardan

2 Aug 20
Reply by Rankin Fisher

demigod worship

It is said in the book 'KRISHNA' that by worshipping the other gods like 'SHIVA' OR 'BRAMHA' one cannot become completely 'KRISHNA CONSCIOU…

Started by simduja venkatraman

38 Jul 14
Reply by vinay kumar.N

Few Questions

Hare Krishna All, Pamho, AgtSP! Recently, I  happen to meet this guy who is a staunch worshipper of durga devi but goes to satsangs of all…

Started by aakash menon

5 Jul 11
Reply by kamlesh patel

want to do service

Hare Krishna Dandavat pranaanm Dear devotees, i m a fallen soul I live far away from any iskcon temple So i want to do any service for plea…

Started by Prakash jha

6 Jul 7
Reply by Prakash jha

Why is Masoor dal (red lentils) prohibited in Vaishnava diet?

Hare Krishna, I have found conclusive answers for not eating onion , garlic and mushrooms but this one floors me.I end up giving the only r…

Started by Devi Radha Dasi

55 Jun 23
Reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA

a useless question

but since curiosity was killing me i am forced to ask. came in news that porn star sunny leon visited siddhivinayak i.e. Ganesh temple. wil…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

10 Jun 16
Reply by Vikash Verma

Nepal earthquake

Hare Krishna to All, Please tell me the reason behind the recent earthquake in Nepal. I have heard somewhere that it is due to mass killin…

Started by Samadhan Gaikwad

3 Jun 6
Reply by Samadhan Gaikwad

Who is Stephen Knapps?

His views are taken as absolute truth

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

5 May 5
Reply by Rankin Fisher


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