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Featured Questions

Intuitions and Krishna Consciousness!!

Hare Krishna!! AGTSP!! PAMHO!! A friend of mine keeps talking about intuitions and conscienses.He says that his intuitions are what Krishn…

Started by Neha SinghLatest Reply

Absoluteness of the universe.

According to Geeta, everything we see in the universe is absolute.If it's absolute how could it be miserable? Just as that day I saw a man…

Started by Mr. Liptu BhattacharyaLatest Reply

Is makeup and nailpolish bad? And jewelery?

Hare Krishna, I have some questions that i would like to read opinions special from matajis. I see some devotes ( matajis) that use make…

Started by Monica MeeraBaiLatest Reply

Questions Replies Latest Activity

Correcting faulty understanding of Krishna ?

pamho, Hare Krishna, Once a devotee told me in a chastising mood, You need to have a guru who can direct you how to read Prabhupada's boo…

Started by Parag

6 Sep 8
Reply by Parag

Design of Rath for Jagannath Rath Yatra

Hare Krishna to all I seek some answers with respect to designing Rath for Jagannath Rath Yatra. For the past few years devotees of Dallas…

Started by Badrinath

0 Jul 6


hare krishna pranam why do people commit suicides my ex colleague swati gupta dey daniel was in her cocoon for four years after her split w…

Started by jyoti nitin karnik

15 May 5
Reply by Karunanidhi Das

I can not open "Audio Full Collection"

Hare Krishna dear devotees. Pls accept my humble request. last two days I am seeing that "Audio full collection" named folder is not openin…

Started by Arijit Ghosh

0 Mar 28

Lord Caitanya and Jesus Christ!

PAMHO AGTSP   Hare Krishna,   I have been in KC since 3rd grade and I know enough to solidify my beliefs in Krsna. I will ask this question…

Started by Krishna Deva das

23 Mar 16
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa


Iskcon Center in Dubai

Hare Krishna I want to get some information about Iskcon Centers in Dubai City. I will be required to go to Dubai on official work for a f…

Started by Bharat

6 Feb 17
Reply by Aditi

I dont understand Karna

Karna fans sorry for asking the following questions in such a rude way but I just don't like him.   Q1. Did he have some mental disorder to…

Started by Suhas Patil

12 Jan 9
Reply by Suhas Patil

Would anyone kindly explain me the meaning of my dream of Krishna?

Hare Krishna, Recently 3 days back I had a dream of Krishna. I would like to know the meaning of that dream. If anyone can explain the mean…

Started by Chandramouli

1 Nov 9, 2016
Reply by Radha Rasamayi (Rashmi Khaitan)

What is thruth behind 10th Dimension

As per Quantum Physics there are 10 dimensions, we humans live in 3rd dimension.   Here is how complex it is "Imagining the Tenth Dimensio…

Started by Parvesh Taneja

3 Nov 5, 2016
Reply by Zola Preetam

Parikrama with Pet

Hare Krishna Prabhu ji's and Mata ji's PAMHO Last year me and my family had a 2 days visit to Vrindavan Dham, we were not able to explore…

Started by Amit

17 Oct 27, 2016
Reply by Compassion


Hare Krsna TV Launched

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