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susma swraj rays bhagbadgita announce to a national book of India whats all of your openion plz comment

Started by subhadip chattapadhyayLatest Reply

morning sadhana

hare krsna to all devotees. how important is morning sadhana in the devotees life.

Started by shilpaLatest Reply

Perception of Women in the Scriptures

Hare Krishna, Pls forgive me for the below question. I ask this question not out of Ego but purely to clarify my doubts Certain texts in…

Started by Karishma IyerLatest Reply

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Scriptural supports for proving Brahman as effulgence of Bhagavan?

Hare Krishna I haven't come across such references (Verses) in my readings yet, except in the commentary sections. I would really appreciat…

Started by Ashwin Balaganeshan

11 on Friday
Reply by dean


There is this story of a Brahmin in the Skanda Purana, who undertook a pilgrimage tour of temples and Holy Rivers, after leasing his house…

Started by Aravind S

0 on Thursday

Bhagavatam story

Devotee attracted Lord Shiva by reading Srimad Bhagavatam! Once there lived an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna by name Poonthaanam. He worsh…

Started by Aravind S

0 on Wednesday

4 lakh types human species out of 84 lakh

the human body is considered best. actually it should be said that after transmigrating 80 lakh species we get human body. why is it said 8…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

4 on Tuesday
Reply by Siddharth Kudtarkar

Raavans golden Lanka set on fire by Lord Hanuman

I am unable to understand this because can never catch fire 2. Raavan had all the demigods under his control which inluded even fire…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

4 Apr 13
Reply by Siddharth Kudtarkar

which sahasranamavalis (1000 names) are authentic?

Hare Krsna! we always knew about Vishnu sahasranamas 1000 names but these days i see Shiv sahasranamas, Laxmi, Durga, Ganesh, Lalita in the…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

4 Apr 12
Reply by jefferson

what is the difference between the following puranas?

Bhagawat puran, Vishnu, Narad, Varaha, Vaman, Garuda, Kurma, Matsya. All of them are incarnations of Krishna then why is it kept differentl…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

7 Apr 10
Reply by Siddharth Kudtarkar

who gave aakashwani to kamsa?

....."that he will be killed by 8th child of devki? Hare Krishna

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

13 Apr 9
Reply by ISKCON desire tree network

business is down

Hare Krsna! iskcon always mentions in its donation letter that the goddess of fortune resides with those who are charitable. we have been d…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

9 Apr 1
Reply by Siddharth Kudtarkar

Dhruva Maharaj lamentation

Hare Krsna. as you all know Dhruv maharaj lamented that he foolishly worshipped krsna for material prosperity but my question is couldnt he…

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

5 Mar 30
Reply by Siddharth Kudtarkar



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