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susma swraj rays bhagbadgita announce to a national book of India whats all of your openion plz comment

Started by subhadip chattapadhyayLatest Reply

morning sadhana

hare krsna to all devotees. how important is morning sadhana in the devotees life.

Started by shilpaLatest Reply

Perception of Women in the Scriptures

Hare Krishna, Pls forgive me for the below question. I ask this question not out of Ego but purely to clarify my doubts Certain texts in…

Started by Karishma IyerLatest Reply

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who gave aakashwani to kamsa?

....."that he will be killed by 8th child of devki? Hare Krishna

Started by Siddharth Kudtarkar

15 yesterday
Reply by sandhya devi

who are Karmis ?

hare Krishna, AGTSP Who should be Reffered to as Karmis ?are sadhakas also karmis ? or only non- sadhakas reffered to as Karmis ? Please Fo…

Started by Bhanu Kiran 30

4 Aug 19
Reply by Rashmi Khaitan

about puranas

i 100% trust on bhagwat puran,vishnu puran and brahma vaivart puran. but my friend on fb told me that he doesn't 100% trust on all puranas…

Started by Manohar Krishna Patil

16 Aug 15
Reply by Manohar Krishna Patil


The Desire Tree site recognizes the author of Sri Jagannatastakam as Sri Sankaracarya. I would like to have evidence that he was the author…

Started by Ronaldo

1 Aug 4
Reply by IDT E-Counselor

Is kailash on Earth ?

Hare krishna, Does Lord Shiva Reside on the Kailash parvath near the himalayas on Earth ?

Started by Bhanu Kiran 30

6 Jul 25
Reply by Akshay P

What is the Translation of this verse from Chandogya Upanishad 8.13.1 ?

श्यामाच्छबलं प्रपद्ये शबलाच्छ्यामं प्रपद्येऽश्व इव रोमाणि विधूय पापं चन्द्र इव राहोर्मुखात्प्रमुच्य धूत्वा शरीरमकृतं कृतात्मा ब्रह्मलोकमभिस…

Started by Speaking Soul

2 Jun 23
Reply by Speaking Soul

Upadesamrta and Isoupanisad - MP3

Hare Krishna! Please share MP3 format of Upadesamrta & IsoUpanisand Songs (with translation if possible). Thank you.


4 May 20

how the gotras of Sri Krsna and Pandavas can be different?

Hare Krishna!PAMHO,AGTSP.. while reading srimad bhagavatam and mahabharata i found that the chandravamshi king Yayati had sons-Yadu and Pur…

Started by Yash Santosh Dubey

6 May 18
Reply by Krishna Chaitanya

Vedabase Offline RAR password

Hari Bol All PAMHO Im desperately trying to get the offline Vedabase Password for the RAR file that Ive downloaded from…

Started by Anil

10 May 13
Reply by gogulapati pranaydeep

What is Matter/Jada?

Hare Krishna it is said that Krishna is within every atom. It is also said that even Rocks have Soul but their consciousness is covered. So…

Started by Ashwin Balaganeshan

1 May 12
Reply by Speaking Soul


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