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How to satisfy my boss?

HAREKRSNA MY OBEISANCES TO ALL. ALL GLORIES TO SRILA PRABHUPADA. Professionally i am a civil engineer(degree).i am now in a construction co…

Started by nirmalya prasad dasLatest Reply

Please help

hare Krishna I am chanting from 3 years. I want to become devotee of Krishna but don't want to do it by just assuming stuff and go ahead w…

Started by Ashay BansodLatest Reply

in general people say "no matter what happens, happens for good"

in general people says,"whatever happens is happen for good(Jo hota hai achcae ke liye hota hai)" They say one akbar and birbal story also…

Started by abhinav sharmaLatest Reply

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why we are born ? from when did the karma count started ? please any one can help me to understand !!!

dear all ,  please give your feed back on the above topic.


1 Jan 18
Reply by Speaking Soul

mother milking her baby

Hare krishna ... eating meat is the reason to have sin . if the mother eats meat and milks her baby . is the baby gets any sinful reaction?…

Started by mohit sanjay jankar

4 Dec 24, 2015
Reply by Dean prabhu


Hare Krishna, Dandabat –   Prabhuji – in Bhagabat Geeta it is said that, - Basansi Jirnani yatha Bihay ……. And as per Srimad Bhagabatam – a…

Started by Ramesh Chandra Dash

2 Dec 7, 2015
Reply by Radha Rasamayi (Rashmi Khaitan)

What is karma? Does chanting Mahamantra releases us from the fruits of karma?

Hare Krishna, At the end of Mahabharata, the Kauravas went to Swarga loka after death while the Pandavas had to go through the ironies of h…

Started by Raka Burman

5 Dec 4, 2015
Reply by Mohanan Nair

Can a police officer practice devotional service to Krishna along with performing his kshatriya dharma ?

According to Srimad Bhagavatam (11.17.17), the natural qualities of a kshatriya are - Dynamic power, bodily strength, determination, herois…

Started by Rishi

13 Nov 6, 2015
Reply by anu

which service is best?

Hare Krsna Dandavat pranaam to all i just want to know which service is best. Service to lord or service to poor helpless people etc.

Started by Prakash jha

16 Oct 26, 2015
Reply by kŗşņa dasa


Hare Krishna!!! Is everything completely predetermined, or do we have limited freewill? Is there a combination of freewill & destiny ap…

Started by Gopal Das

19 Oct 2, 2015
Reply by Dean prabhu


I am in college. Struggling with the stress of work everyday. I try to release myself with intoxication and filling my mind with perversion…

Started by Joseph

5 Sep 23, 2015
Reply by Joseph


Is it better to stay away from the devotees association just to avoid the offenses that happen in the association of devotees?

Started by Andy

2 Aug 20, 2015
Reply by Ilya


I was into KC ten years . At the same time they got me married. She is not a devotee. She does not know I am a devotee. There is no argumen…

Started by Saurabh

1 Aug 18, 2015
Reply by kŗşņa dasa


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