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Family Life (130)

Featured Questions

Job plus Bhakti. How to be?

Hare Krishna ... Hare Rama... Rama Rama Hare Hare... Hare Rama...Hare Krishna ... Krishna Krishna Hare Hare... I don't want to run from so…

Started by MANISH CHAUDHARYLatest Reply

Need practical advise on how to adjust around non-vegetarians

Hare Krishna! I need 'practical' advise on how to adjust around non-vegetarians, if there is any. Especially if they are in a family. Pleas…

Started by Aarti SLatest Reply

Need flat for rent in Pune suburbs urgently.

Hare Krishna and Dandavat pranaams to all Vaishnavas I urgently require a one bed flat in Pune suburbs, possibly not too far from Wakad. We…

Started by Sanjiv PillaiLatest Reply

Questions Replies Latest Activity

In an ethical Dilema

Hare Krsna dear Devotees, PAMHO, AGTSP, I would request senior Matajis to solve this problem of mine. My in-laws side including my husband…

Started by Subhashini Gopinath

3 Mar 13
Reply by Subhashini Gopinath

Why do devotees call me "Prabhuji" I am not GOD

I have a name "Parvesh Taneja", My friends call me by my last name simply (I don't mind it). But here I have seen everyone says Prabhuji.…

Started by Parvesh Taneja

6 Mar 7
Reply by Himavati Devi Dasi

Prescribed Duty

Hare Krishna dear devotees....this is an important question....When Krishna says to Arjuna to do his prescribed duties.....what does that m…

Started by Apoorv Anand

22 Jan 4
Reply by Zola Preetam

Interfaith Relationship

Hare krishna Can anyone share their personal experiences in a Interfaith marriage (Hindu -- christian/ jew/muslim). 1. Is it ok having both…

Started by Pujan Sinha

4 Dec 16, 2016
Reply by Mohini Madhavi


hare krishna , prabhu i am deep confusion because my wife is pregnant     ( 7 months ) but our consulting doctor advised our selves to have…

Started by s.d.chandru

2 Nov 10, 2016
Reply by Radha Rasamayi (Rashmi Khaitan)

Consciousness parenting

Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada I'd really like to connect with some parents in ISKCON for good associa…

Started by Jahnavi

1 Oct 19, 2016
Reply by Radha Rasamayi (Rashmi Khaitan)

Can I do spirituality while also doing daily material jobs

Hare krsna, PAMHO. Actually i need to become a doctor . I do not get time for chanting . Can I do the daily study and material chores while…

Started by Madhavi Ajay Thaker

4 Oct 1, 2016
Reply by Karunanidhi Das

Interfaith Marriage and Krishna conscious

hare Krishna. I rewrite this in the question & answer section. Look forward to get some better responses from devotees. Could anyone s…

Started by Pujan Sinha

6 May 15, 2016
Reply by Robert Wilson

Information technology bombarding us with sensitive news at fast pace;how to cope?

Dear Devotees, Hare Krishna,Please accept my humble obesciences.All glories to Shri Prabhupada. A lot has been going in my mind .Please acc…

Started by Swati

12 Mar 9, 2016

How to control anger?

Hare Krsna. PAMHO AGTSP My biggest issue I am facing right now in my spiritual development is anger. I find householder life is often very…

Started by Jahnavi

21 Mar 8, 2016


Hare Krsna TV Launched

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